Russia Customs Data – Russian foreign trade statistics.

Customs statistics of Russia are available from 1996 on current date, We provide data in the following format :

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Please pay attention that the reports from the customs database are delivered with contact information of the RF sender / recipient, phone number, fax, email, full name and position of the manager, number of employees, annual turnover (revenue),  indicators for the past years.

All reports are generated on the basis of the initial data of the CCD (declarations of the foreign trade activities participants) All reports are generated on the basis of the initial data of the CCD. the information can be delivered by following options :

  1. Customs database (Excel) CCD  (Customs Cargo Declaration),  with description of the goods up to 256 characters (from the first page of the CCD), see the sheet “Declarations 256”
  2. Another sheet (Excel) CCD with complete description of the goods (including all additional sheets) see the sheet “Declarations with full description”,  including data broken down by model, articles, brands, types, and a quantitative breakdown.

The information is updated with any required frequency (from weekly updates and more). It is possible to supply a complete database for the entire HS Codes range.

* supplied customs data do not contain:

  • Foreign trade operations between the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan since the formation of the Customs Union (01.07.2010);
  • Transactions on precious metals / stones and strategic cargo of the military-industrial complex;
  • Information on goods issued under the CRO (customs receipt order, for individuals mainly)

This information is available and provided only for individual requests.

Analyzing the data of  Russian foreign trade, please pay attention to the field of “STAT-a sign of registration in foreign trade statistics”, the operations are noted as a “0”, this is operations between the territories of Russia (for example, with the Kaliningrad region) and other operations of a humanitarian character, etc.

In the request to receive data please indicate the product  in HS code and specify time range of required information.

Since We adhere to a loyal price and customer policy:

  • There are significant discounts for regular customers and for those who order a large amount of customs data.
  • We provide data in any required format and generate any reports with the use of additional fields specified by our client
  • We provide full documentary support of the order (contract, invoice, certificate of work performed)
  • Do You want to check the reliability of the information before buying our data? No Problem! Please specify your Tax ID and the time range, You will receive CCD (Customs Cargo Declaration) free of charge.

The vigorous development of Russian companies in recent years strengthens the rigidity of competition and the growth of the dynamics of the market environment: this deserves special attention to the statistics of foreign economic activity.

Advantages of Russia Import / Export Data Reports:

  • Analyse market share, product demand and supply.
  • Monitor your competitors and analyze their activity.
  • Find reliable suppliers.
  • Track the change in the average market prices for the goods you are interested in.
  • Search the potential and authentic buyers of your product, and solve many other detail for your business.


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